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Check our references below

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2012.10.05 - Elaine and Foye
Dear Mark and Agnes:

Foye and I want to thank you very much for the wonderful job you did in our home yesterday. I can't believe how you made everything shine and sparkle so much - especially the shower doors that I have been unable to clean!! We appreciate your help so much and will hope to have you come again.

Looking around the house, you didn't miss cleaning anything - that was a wonderful treat - thank you!


2012.02.24 - Christine and Jonathan
M & A Cleaning Service is the most thorough and professional cleaning service that we have encountered in 15 yrs in the Orange County area. Agnes and Mark provide an outstanding service and we highly endorse them to any potential customer.
Many services send in a group of cleaners, most of the time they are different people every week, and seem to be in a hurry, when attention to detail is the thing that matters most to a homeowner.
We highly recommend them.

2012.01.12 - Mark Hopkins
I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Mark and Agnes Cleaning Service. I have been a client of Mark and Agnes Cleaning Service for 3 years. Prior to this time period I tried a number of services. None of them were as outstanding as Mark and Agnes.

2012.01.08 - Mary K.
I have been a client of Mark and Agnes Cleaning Service for over 3 years. I have been very happy with them. They are very dependable and have extremely hard workers. There has never been a week when they didn't show up or left my house in an unacceptable manner. I can always rely on their service and I know my house will be clean. I have had very specific requests and they always seem to remember what I want them to do.

2012.01.08 - Kathy Woodward
I have been using Mark and Agnes Cleaning Service for over 6 years now, and with every move we have made, we have always kept them as our cleaning service. They are extremely dependable and reliable, and they do a great cleaning job every time. We couldn't ask for more and we highly recommend their services.

2010.11.08 - Mary and John
We have used Marek And Agnes Cleaning Service for over two years. It is such a pleasure to feel that you can trust people in your house when you aren't home. They also do a great job. They are fast but thorough. We highly recommend them.
Mary and John

2010.10.09 - Melanie
You and your wife did a wonderful job.
It was nice to come home to a clean home. I look forward to having you come and clean in the future. Thanks again.

2010.08.21 - Amy Nguyen
I have gone through several cleaning services and I stopped looking when I found Mark and Agnes. Previous cleaners have damaged our appliances and furniture but Mark and Agnes are careful and respect our belongings. They are efficient and do a great job. I highly recommend them

2010.07.09 - Frances Hayward
Marek and Angnes are absolutely the best house cleaners that we have had. They are meticulous, careful and thorough. The best part is that you will not need to check each time to make sure they have done their work properly. They take pride in what they do. They are accommodating to your needs. As I said in my first sentence, they are the BEST!

2010.07.08 - Don & Nancy Challenger
Mark and Agnes are thorough, fast, efficient and honest. They charge a fair reasonable price and are a bargain for their service.

2009.04.22 - Adam Burke
Mark and Agnes are charming, trustworthy, honorable and excellent in providing service to me. I highly recommend them.

2009.04.14 - Jill W.
Marek and Agnes are by far the best cleaning service I have ever had. They have worked for me for over 2 years and have always done an exceptional job. They are punctual and trustworthy. I plan on using their services for many years to come! I highly recommend them.

2008.12.27 - Kristy Burns
Thanks Marek, you two did a wonderful job on the house and we will definitely use you again as well as refer you to others. Thanks again! Kristy Burns

2008.11.25 - Jan Neary
Mark and Agnes have been cleaning my house for a little over a year and I find they do an excellant job. They are always on time and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for their home to be really clean and know they are very trustworthy.

2008.10.25 - Retta Mullaney
Mark & Agnes have been cleaning for us for over a year. They are trustworthy, never miss a day and are always cheerful and willing to do whatever it takes to make the house sparkle. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a dependable hardworking team to meet their every housekeeping need.

2008.10.25 - C. Knutson
We have had Mark and Agnes clean our home on a semi regular basis. They are accommodating to our schedule, do a great job of cleaning, and are reasonably priced. We would recommend them to anyone looking for help cleaning occasionally or on a regular basis.

2008.10.24 - Tom Wright
I always refer Mark and Agnes to my customers and they've all been extremely pleased with your work.Thanks for being reliable.
Tom Wright

2008.10.24 - Bill Brown
My roommate and I are extremely satisfied with the quality of work Mark & Agnes provides in thoroughly cleaning our two-story, two-bedroom condo.

2008.10.24 - Jill Buck
It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for the Mark & Agnes cleaning service... I have found them to be very responsible and trustworthy.

Jill Buck

2008.10.22 - Mina & Jim Glassman
Marek and Agnes have been taking excellent care of our home weekly for 2yrs. They are charming, trustworthy, honorable and excellent in providing service to us. Marek can also clean our windows as needed. Professionalism is very important to us; all of our home maintenance needs are being met by Marek and Agnes.

Hopefully they will have room in their schedule for you!

2008.10.22 - Kyle McNichols
Mark and Agnes do such a wonderful job of cleaning our house. We have used large cleaning agencies in the past, and Mark and Agnes have outshined them every time!
They are very competitively priced, punctual, thorough, and always respectful of our belongings, including our crazy pets! I would recommend their cleaning service to anyone, and can't wait to have them back next time.

Thanks for your hard work!

2008.10.20 - Kristen Huntington
To Whom It May Concern:
This letter is in reference to the housekeeping services provided by Mark and Agnes.
I employed them once a week for many months and enjoyed their consistent, competent service. They always arrived on time and were cheerful and pleasant. They had a very admirable work ethic and completed their work in a quick and efficient manner. They used high quality products especially suited for the job. They were very careful and conscientious with my things and nothing was ever broken or damaged. I would be happy to recommend their service to any of my friends of family.

Sincerely, Kristen Huntington

2008.10.20 - Beth Lincoln
Hi, Mark and Agnes,
I will tell my friends and neighbors about your cleaning service.
Please feel free to use me as a reference, you can give my phone numbers to anyone.
Thanks for your great work. I appreciate it.

Beth Lincoln

2008.10.20 - Michelle Conard
Mark and Agnes are extremely professional and friendly.They work great together as a team and get right down to the business of cleaning house—in no time, my house is clean.
Thanks, Mark and Agnes, for working around my busy schedule and keeping my house so clean. I wish you , Mark and Agnes good luck on your busines

Thanks, Michelle Conard

2008.10.19 - Adam Letz
Mark and Agnes are by far the best cleaning service I have ever had.Thank you for your excellent service.

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